Film Theory: Aquaman is NO Hero!
Deborah John
Deborah John 2 timer siden
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sebastian florez
sebastian florez 2 timer siden
Adrian Marquez
Adrian Marquez 2 timer siden
You want advice? Get off the Diet Coke, & talk about some of the bullcrap that has corrupted our government.
Tony Hou
Tony Hou 2 timer siden
Here’s a problem. Elsa has blue eyes and Rupunzel has green eyes.
Crimson5pider 2 timer siden
DC isnt gonna be smart enough for this
Gregory Cotton
Gregory Cotton 2 timer siden
The Emoji Movie is illegal... IF it was suddenly X Rated.
Christian Canali Shimizu
Christian Canali Shimizu 2 timer siden
All of this is giving me some *serious* Sonic CD vibes...
Lomi 2 timer siden
the first thing i think of when I hear the word "Crack cocaine" is tubbo
Kimchi 2 timer siden
The Josstice League just being made worse is more amazing
T 2 timer siden
Technically Godzilla did win
Ramon Benitez
Ramon Benitez 2 timer siden
*SPOILER ALERT, Watched the movie last week.... even though to two team up kong gets whooped BADLY, so yeah you could say Godzilla wins🤷🏽‍♂️
Maximo 2 timer siden
hyenas do eat lions
Gamer Cat
Gamer Cat 2 timer siden
Yea this theory is true. He literally kills someone In the fourth episode and yells at someone in the third.
Friendthe2nd 2 timer siden
Can we just talk about the name. They are scared to be hugged. But it says " me " so that means its just one I wonder which one.... Probably not duck.... But hey, that's just a theory, a film theory!
Isabella Petersen
Isabella Petersen 2 timer siden
English abc: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V X Y Z danish abc: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V X Y Z Æ Ø Å Me:well we have These 3 extra letters for absulutly No reason😂🤣
lazy dude
lazy dude 2 timer siden
Hey i live in maine
Classic Speeder
Classic Speeder 2 timer siden
Am I the only one who switched to 360p when he said thats how it was meant to be watched
Matthew Hayek
Matthew Hayek 2 timer siden
Once upon a time in Corunna there was a sick queen umm did you predict the future
Irma Martinez
Irma Martinez 2 timer siden
Actually there is a mecha godzilla that has gone roge and king kong and godzilla work together to defeat the mecha zilla
cherrylmao 2 timer siden
what if they are just races which can still mate, they have humanish bodies
Classified Darkness
Classified Darkness 2 timer siden
Al Benjamin Fernandez
Al Benjamin Fernandez 2 timer siden
This is actually a good Theory.
Ella Larsen
Ella Larsen 2 timer siden
That is so cool I think that this is one of the first he got right
bigdick man
bigdick man 2 timer siden
Okay now they need to bring in the Batman who laughs
주주 2 timer siden
RIP chadwick
RUPAM JHA 2 timer siden
I think step 3 and 4 are the only chances the victims have to escape this brainwashing and if you stay still step 5 and after its unlikely step 4 mainly is the time to back out
Aniyu X
Aniyu X 2 timer siden
WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! Is DOOFENSCHMIRTZ Phineas father because when you see his headshape and Phineas LOVING to invent stuff and y'know the past between Linda (Phineas mom) and Doofenschmirtz?!
B-Matic 2 timer siden
Richard Hanson
Richard Hanson 2 timer siden
And yet we all know they are going to mess it up.
Merletastic 2 timer siden
I am just so... So, so, SO tired of Flashpoint and everything related to it.
Wesley Parish
Wesley Parish 2 timer siden
One of your best theories yet...
recommended foryou
recommended foryou 2 timer siden
Robert rodriguez directed Alita battle angel not james cameron
Andreas 2 timer siden
strongest human mr roshi
Nile McCool
Nile McCool 2 timer siden
i watched this in 360p as mat Pat intended
Kingsley chenjerayi
Kingsley chenjerayi 2 timer siden
oh really now the pig is her brother this is crazy consiparacy
Emerson Hendricks
Emerson Hendricks 2 timer siden
Eric Fitch
Eric Fitch 2 timer siden
dear Matpat. superman was my hero. he was who I aspired to be. like I knew I could never be good enough to be him but I could try.... I watched superman back in 1977 and he broke my heart. to see an alien that was better then any human I have ever met.
Jack Wells
Jack Wells 2 timer siden
I have to say that the reason the Tomato score on the Snyder cut is that only the Snyder fans are going to spend the time and money to watch it, and that those of us who don't care about seeing us also aren't going to waste time review-bombing it like happen to some movies.
DianaArtDent15 2 timer siden
ok, So Matpat Just please do a film Theory on a Character and not just on a verse. I mean How many Batmans have been there? 4 How Many Supermans 4. I really want you to do a theory on Superman and which is the superior one, like you kind of did for Spiderman. I mean, you have; ok Three TV shows if you really want to be technical. 2 is the best, I mean Lois Lane and Clark Kent: The Adventures of Superman by far is the best. NOw you can't forget the Original Superman tv show. Smallville doesn't count because it is not LORE. Lane and Luther were never in Clark's life before he became a man/Superman. Batman, you have Micheal Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and now Ben Affleck. YOu Mentioned Keaton's Version so now you have to include the others. I am not a fan of all these Verses, but I do like superhero films.
Sush1boy 2 timer siden
I know that game!
Adrian 2 timer siden
I recommend watching this before u watch the show cuz rewatching after this gives u a new perspective on it
Sush1boy 2 timer siden
*hashtag* Cool kid not a nerd.
Miguel Dante Duarte Soares
Miguel Dante Duarte Soares 2 timer siden
then why does dock crash i 1958?
Alyvia Esparza
Alyvia Esparza 2 timer siden
It was upset that he found the old one
Zer0 2 timer siden
me watching this video and only think why did joker straighten his hair?
turtleark 2 timer siden
Joker is Robin.
Cbell 2 timer siden
Sush1boy 2 timer siden
I don't watch Simpsons it's a bit srange.
Wricked_Croncker 2 timer siden
Fun Fact: The sped up part at the beginning is just MatPat messing up the lines
JSEY 2 timer siden
Please do a video on Jack Sparrow's compass 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Jungle The rainwing
Jungle The rainwing 2 timer siden
Am I the only one who remembers the fact that when Bill Cypher made the deal with Stan Bill turned to stone. The statue is probably Bill's body.
Sush1boy 2 timer siden
Matt it to be sea bound there is a nuclear reactor!
caramelwatson 2 timer siden
The intro song made me vibe
Jose Magallon
Jose Magallon 3 timer siden
This video didn’t age well 😳
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz 3 timer siden
Demons and angels don't have souls. The whole show's premise is bupkis. If a demon or angel "dies", it's not like a soul where it gets a second chance or punishment of some kind in the afterlife. These beings are MADE of soul energy. Or at least the energy that makes up souls. When they "die" or more accurately are destroyed, they just cease to exist... completely. Their energy simply goes back to the ether from whence it was drawn before they were forged together into a cohesive entity, and simply goes back to being simple energy. Complete and total obliteration. The main character is just a psychopath having a delusional episode and is mentally lost in her own mind. Theory Solved.
Kailynn Hoyt
Kailynn Hoyt 3 timer siden
Sees cat-dog Me: How do they poop?
Ron7d._lol Dupee
Ron7d._lol Dupee 3 timer siden
The filler was too much way too much
Kailynn Hoyt
Kailynn Hoyt 3 timer siden
Scooby-Doo Zombie island is my favorite Scooby-Doo film
john felicia
john felicia 3 timer siden
Who else wants matpat to host a late night talk show (youtube edition)
Luis Velez
Luis Velez 3 timer siden
¿Does anybody like the Godzilla vs Kong movie 🎥?
Ennard 3 timer siden
XD 4 years ago and this LMAO
Real Pickle
Real Pickle 3 timer siden
I wish these freaking movies weren’t rated R
Martha Aigbonoga
Martha Aigbonoga 3 timer siden
way to beat bakugo: get a flamethrower and ignite the nytroglycerin boom
Ben Lawson
Ben Lawson 3 timer siden
Objective Subjectivity
Objective Subjectivity 3 timer siden
From my understanding the percentages on rotten tomatoes are not 80% out of 100 but rather 80% of those who viewed it voted it a given score or higher, that’s why it says 80% “liked it”
Can Sezgin
Can Sezgin 3 timer siden
As a turkish guy there is like 100 million wrong things in this video, btw pehlivan means wrestler its not a name, 2. The time period def not in ottoman time waaay before that I could write much more but seems waste of time , btw i love your videos but maybe u need a better search on some topics ☺️
Adrian Marquez
Adrian Marquez 3 timer siden
MatPat: "If they do, no war" Me: "If they don't, WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE GET WOODY HIS 50 CALIBER PISTOL?!"
Ya Hu
Ya Hu 3 timer siden
This video is bullshit because you know that everybody knows that it is a placed product you genius Also the emoticons themselves are a product
Skayla Bravo
Skayla Bravo 3 timer siden
Lets be honest. *most of us hated John Walker.*
Aroa LeRogue
Aroa LeRogue 3 timer siden
You're so close, Matpat! SO CLOSE. They're pulling a fast one on you, Camille is a red herring. The Red Look-See takes the ribbon- not for the Blue Look-See- but to patch up the bear that got its head ripped off in season 2. We see that exact same bear with that exact same ribbon tied around its neck in front of a woman's apartment door in Rubberneck, along with pink carnations which are also at the memoriam to the 13 victims in season 1. And all of these things are also connected to Crypt TV's newest installment, Let Me Play. The colors blue and red are consistently sprinkled throughout the Look-See's story. If you look at the victims' clothing in both season 1 and season 2, you'll find that 4 of the victims are in blue while 1 is in a different color- referencing that ritual again. In Let Me Play, the colors red and blue are shown again, but this time very subtly hidden in the background. But what I want to point out is that fact that in Let Me Play, the brown haired, brown eyed boy that we see - in what I can only speculate as a 'mirror realm' or some other alternate reality- has two toys next to the static tv he's watching. A bear in a red vest and a clown in a blue hat. Where have we seen that hat before? On the Blue Look-See. Not to mention that the little boy in that mirror realm in Let Me Play looks a lot like Theodore...
StarZ1 3 timer siden
It could be nalas mom
Epic Bossn
Epic Bossn 3 timer siden
As it’s a demonic curse you can live on holy ground like a church or tell the Vatican as it’s a demonic entity it wouldn’t be able to get you, you could also be cleansed/exorcised at the Vatican by an exorcist or holy person
Fion Silberpfeil
Fion Silberpfeil 3 timer siden
Groundproblem of this kind: Dont write things into your story that could solve all problems at the time of your story.. It will forever be there and every story will end with "But why didnt x use y / But why didnt x just did y" All powerfull things
Le_Sucram 3 timer siden
1:48 They are not hallucinations, that's "Flash" traveling (faster than the speed of light) through time telling him (Bruce Wayne) a "message/important advice".
Thalia Lothian
Thalia Lothian 3 timer siden
Tuwi you are not the father! !!!
Andrew Wesley
Andrew Wesley 3 timer siden
StevenRamos248 3 timer siden
MatPat: shows flat earth. Me: MONSTERS!!!
Rainbow's Restaurant
Rainbow's Restaurant 3 timer siden
"Ooh oh i am on to you Ellen Degeneres" meh: OH OOH IM ON TO YOU MATPAT.
Davi Rafael Franke
Davi Rafael Franke 3 timer siden
*Happy yellow quadrant noises*
Ryan Yan
Ryan Yan 3 timer siden
gold is pretty heavy soo swimming in it, well you might suffocate if you dive deep down so not a good idea