Film Theory: Did Scar EAT Mufasa? (The Lion King)

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Last time I talked about the Lion King, we were seeing just how big the body count was for this beloved Disney movie and sayong Scar was the rightful king. WEll, we are leaning into that even HARDER this time! Today, I want to talk about the sibling rivalry to end all sibling rivalries - Scar and Mufasa. Theorists, lions are a very, VERY interesting animal. I think that Scar ATE Mufasa after the stampede. You'll have to watch to find out WHY!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Forrest Lee, Koen Verhagen, and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Lance Joros Ponce Quingking
Lance Joros Ponce Quingking Time siden
Wait what that guy is ob The NOwindowe he as tiktok
Hei_ zart
Hei_ zart Time siden
And that's why kids, tiktok is for entertainment and not facts checking
Emily Liston
Emily Liston Time siden
That is the most craziest theory I ever heard!
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide Time siden
Am I the only one who really wants a “The Promised Neverland” theory
Gage Whiddon
Gage Whiddon 2 timer siden
I like how he says their garbage whith legs
Christopher Medina
Christopher Medina 2 timer siden
I would hate to be the guy that made that TikTok. Don’t even have TikTok so, I guess it’s even better.
angelgoldennight 2 timer siden
i believe scar let the hyenas eat mufasa then kept the bones but thats just me
Matthew Murray
Matthew Murray 2 timer siden
This is why Tiktok is incredibly stupid
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide Time siden
7:53 it’s a south african accent
Jonathan Brown
Jonathan Brown 2 timer siden
an gorillia because they plants and somtimes meat and they use large fange for attacks and defends
Jonathan Brown
Jonathan Brown 2 timer siden
its a monkey skull not lion
Tiffany Shenoy
Tiffany Shenoy 2 timer siden
So, if Scar had a what we assume is a primate skull, then doesn’t that mean he would/could EAT Rafiki?
Maximo 3 timer siden
hyenas do eat lions
Ennard 3 timer siden
XD 4 years ago and this LMAO
StarZ1 4 timer siden
It could be nalas mom
Max Mantell
Max Mantell 4 timer siden
A hyena’s belly is never full
Beyonder Lord
Beyonder Lord 4 timer siden
Funny. Love your videos but scar didn't eat mufasa
Fluffyshep 4 timer siden
i found a typo in the description! (see if you can find it :P)
Danielė Kmiel
Danielė Kmiel 4 timer siden
plot twist: the skull was one of the guy lions because there are only women when simba comes back
Wonder Boy
Wonder Boy 5 timer siden
I probably hope so
Anat Vainer
Anat Vainer 6 timer siden
Redeyber 6 timer siden
Scar probably ate the baboons dad or something, the baboon that holds simba at the iconic sunset scene on pride rock
Bonani Sibiya
Bonani Sibiya 6 timer siden
7:53 it’s a south african accent
Rj Best
Rj Best 6 timer siden
So no one is gonna eknoledge that this video is published on APRIL 1
Aladite Crystal
Aladite Crystal 6 timer siden
Nothing I love more than science disproving a theory
MrDim1800 7 timer siden
Could you not blame this on tik tok as a whole when is clearly those two creators only? You wouldn't blame all NOwindow for anything someone stupid made, like Jake Paul's career or reaction channels
Green SonicKid
Green SonicKid 7 timer siden
what if scar went to Mufasa's body and saw it deteriorating and he took the head off it as a trophy
Dianne Sharp
Dianne Sharp 7 timer siden
Can you do a theory on the vampire diaries
Kaiden Kirkland
Kaiden Kirkland 8 timer siden
Also Scar got Simba confused for Mufasa.
Jack Richards
Jack Richards 8 timer siden
6:06 its cap I'm not saying the video is but it says cap
X4NDER 9 timer siden
Watching in a movie theater
DA OOFED UNORALEON 9 timer siden
WADDUP- *Sniff* GENOCIDE.........
Golden Kittycat2
Golden Kittycat2 9 timer siden
I first thought it was a monkey skull after the first lion skull search showed up LOL-
The crazy girl Caelyn
The crazy girl Caelyn 9 timer siden
Renee Rose
Renee Rose 10 timer siden
Yhhhhhhh......... I doe even wanna know IF he ate *MUFASA* or not? 👁👄👁 It pained me to even see his death
Rainbow alex Gaming
Rainbow alex Gaming 10 timer siden
Ive seen makulu in real life
Allie Whelan
Allie Whelan 10 timer siden
Tic tok:makes a mistake Matpat:time to spend days looking at 1 tic tok
Shannon Cooper
Shannon Cooper 11 timer siden
i hate all the movies you theory so i like all the theorys
jkenn2011 11 timer siden
Bruh knowing that the that this theory comes from Tik Tok, speaks volumes. FOH 🤣🤣🤣
Kaushal Deshmukh
Kaushal Deshmukh 11 timer siden
Its Hyena skull
Maricela Sevilla
Maricela Sevilla 11 timer siden
I love these videos
Prithvi Adhikari
Prithvi Adhikari 11 timer siden
U should do a theory on the TV show "Adventure Time".
Chase Patterson
Chase Patterson 12 timer siden
omg youer cool
luciano dabot
luciano dabot 12 timer siden
So its a babbon
Driver8k Lm
Driver8k Lm 12 timer siden
Maybe the bones are a past lion
Santino Apodaca
Santino Apodaca 12 timer siden
My brother says lion eat other lions and I told him no they don’t and I was right
Akim P1
Akim P1 12 timer siden
didnt the hayinas eat scar at the end
Hank Hethcote
Hank Hethcote 12 timer siden
Harry Potter didn't become a horkrux until The Goblet of Fire. Find the proof yourself. mwa ha ha ha ha!
incarser101 13 timer siden
Makulu and mr t are legends!!!!!!! Mr t ate his own brothers Cubs
ColinCartoons 13 timer siden
omg scar killed monke
akanxa chaudhari
akanxa chaudhari 13 timer siden
So what happened to the body if scar didn't eat mufasa
Javid Productions
Javid Productions 8 timer siden
Hyenas could have eaten him, or he was left to rot his corpse could have been left alone.
Thedragon 1
Thedragon 1 13 timer siden
This would probably be impossible but this is my idea : How hard can kerishima get form my hero academy (and what I mean is could he get harder then the strongest metals or stuff like that)
ColinCartoons 13 timer siden
wait why did the Hyenas eat scar in the end then im confused Edit: oh
WeirdStuffZ wow
WeirdStuffZ wow 14 timer siden
I dont think its a lion skull because if you look back at the skull scar was holding it had some flat teeth but it did have a canine tooth which means it was probably a ape skull thats what I think (I wrote this before he even said anything about the teeth)
EmiPudding 14 timer siden
and here I thought that lion skull was mufasa's father
Samplayer Shitpost
Samplayer Shitpost 14 timer siden
Matpat the TikTokTheoryBuster
Left Music
Left Music 15 timer siden
Waaaaaah! I’m scared
The Man Behind the Slaughter
The Man Behind the Slaughter 15 timer siden
I didn't know scar was predator
NotOli 15 timer siden
did anyone notice that the back of his monitor says asus but the front of it says Samsung
Dweebii24 15 timer siden
So if the joker keeps hyenas around is that to dispose of people he doesn't like?
SilverFoxR 15 timer siden
One thing that I noticed when seeing the original TikTok video online is that the skull is also too small to be Mufasa's. Scar holds it up to his own face and, well, it's smaller than his own head. Not only does that not make much sense as there's little flesh around a skull in the first place to make it appear bigger... but Mufasa is considerably larger than Scar is, so his skull would be at the very least the same size or larger than Scar's head.
Béatrice Gohier
Béatrice Gohier 16 timer siden
Film Theory: Mythbusters style!
An English-Teacher
An English-Teacher 16 timer siden
I think scar did eat mufasa’s dead body
Sanay Patil
Sanay Patil 16 timer siden
"Haha TikTok get rekt" -Matpat probably
Kozuki Oden
Kozuki Oden 17 timer siden
This video should've been on your food theory channel
MinecraftLord 17 timer siden
"Lion King Is The Best Movie!" *Shrek Comes Out Of The Shadows*
Kate Timbrell
Kate Timbrell 17 timer siden
Maby when Sinbas dad got stuck on one of the horns on the animal's that ran him over??? Im not sure
Pranav Nair
Pranav Nair 17 timer siden
Did MatPat just defend our childhood? wth
purplie_pherl gaming
purplie_pherl gaming 17 timer siden
Scar rates his own brother??👁️👄👁️
purplie_pherl gaming
purplie_pherl gaming 17 timer siden
I said ated
Kyerra Will
Kyerra Will 18 timer siden
When you press subscribe and it goes from 9.65m to 9.66m 😎😎😎I have the power
Mety Kusuma
Mety Kusuma 18 timer siden
07:50 british peapole Never Lies Baby!
Wall-E 19 timer siden
Vote: exists This video: exists R34 artists: *Hey Ferb, I know what we are going to do today.*
Βασίλης Μπενέκης
Βασίλης Μπενέκης 19 timer siden
One of your best analyses. Good job guys! I love all the different angles you took.
Ethan Zmde
Ethan Zmde 19 timer siden
He is ta king
Hammy Burgers
Hammy Burgers 19 timer siden
Take that tik tok! And the size of the skull was too small to be Mofusa
Harry Blue
Harry Blue 19 timer siden
I hate Tik Tok
george Cummins
george Cummins 19 timer siden
Don’t judge scar he was probs just hungry
come and game with me
come and game with me 19 timer siden
"leave your entries in the subreddit poke-fans and I'll watch your submissions in the next episode ASPITAPLAY
Slly 20 timer siden
Teacher: What does anyone know about Lion King? Me:*raises hand* Teacher: What is it? Me: scar a t e mufasa Teacher: Where'd you get that? Me: I saw a title which a youtube channel called The Film Theory did and I beliveve in it because I don't actually think about anything that's why I'm getting bad grades- Teacher: lets not go off subject please *sniffs* there's a story lol
Endarire 20 timer siden
Why isn't this a Food Theory?
Cassie 20 timer siden
Tiktok lies and shitty dances are the ones making the world a darker place
Vihaan Yadav ‘33’
Vihaan Yadav ‘33’ 20 timer siden
Hey Mat, You should do a theory if 'Professor Dumbledore is Ron from the future (Harry Potter)' I know there are a lot of videos but I trust your theories a bit more.
Balabrahmachary kavi
Balabrahmachary kavi 20 timer siden
I saw in Google lions don't eat lions.
AjaMalaysia Var
AjaMalaysia Var 20 timer siden
Is it a baboon skull??
Cassie 20 timer siden
Everyday, every year, tiktok gets dumber and dumber. Not all of it, but a portion of it
Brandy Griffiths
Brandy Griffiths 20 timer siden
What happened to the body tho
Justin C.
Justin C. 21 time siden
Five Nights At Sonics Fan channel
Five Nights At Sonics Fan channel 21 time siden
More like “Feline theory”
Snow Ball
Snow Ball 21 time siden
He did eat scar and its the hidden lore its terrifying
Rome Grimm
Rome Grimm 21 time siden
Dr samreen Panjakash
Dr samreen Panjakash 21 time siden
There is only 1 baboon in lion King and that is rafiki
Anthony Kost
Anthony Kost 22 timer siden
0:03 mufasa dies when mufasa dies mat its not a mystery its a fact HE DIES
Nikkolai Nicholls
Nikkolai Nicholls 22 timer siden
Scar could've took the skull....
Muzzy Munchkin
Muzzy Munchkin 22 timer siden
if that "lion skull" actually looked like a primape's, then did scar eat rafiki?
NoahDaPro 23 timer siden
Do you take suggestion theories from us?
Samantha Kline
Samantha Kline 23 timer siden
Oh no scar killed Rafikis family or friends since it does look more like a baboon skull!!! Noooo Rafiki!!!
Animator HQ
Animator HQ Dag siden
Sorry classyking0. But you were just asking for matpat to roast you by posting that theroy.
꧁ Aron Tuna ꧂
꧁ Aron Tuna ꧂ Dag siden
Lol the song
freyja loureign teofilo
freyja loureign teofilo Dag siden
So the antilope was the one who ate mufasa?
HazardRail Dag siden
Everyday, every year, tiktok gets dumber and dumber. Not all of it, but a portion of it
Stacie Mccraw
Stacie Mccraw Dag siden
Do one on the moive early man
cjsher90 Dag siden
Didn't know I was watching Debunk theory
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